What is the difference between a Psychologist & a Registered Counsellor? 

A Psychologist focuses on more in-depth therapy whilst a Register Counsellor’s focus is on immediate & shorter-term intervention & support. Should I feel that you are in need of or would benefit from a more in-depth approach, I have a strong referral network that would be willing to assist. 

When do I need to see a counsellor?

There are various times in a persons life when they may need to see a counsellor, and this largely depends on each individual case. Some things that may guide you are if you are going through a big change, maybe moving houses or deciding on a career path, if you have lost a loved one, or if you are having difficulties at in your workplace/school, and in social settings. 

Is there something wrong with me if I come for counselling?

No! Absolutely not, it is very important that in all life’s phases we experience support and a listening ear from someone who will not judge us or label us. 


My aim is to help you understand your current situation and to assist in developing strategies that will allow you to create a life that is meaningful and purpose driven.


For children, I hope to enable you & their teachers with strategies to assist. It is also my aim, to walk alongside your child and help them understand their experience of life and to offer them a safe, non-judgmental environment to share. 

Can the fees be covered by medical aid? 

Yes, fees can most likely be covered by medical aid for a COUNSELLING session, however this is dependent on your medical aid, they may be covered but will most likely come out of your medical savings account. There are some medical aids that limit sessions, so it is always recommended that you confirm with your medical aid before choosing this payment this route. 

All fees are discussed prior to sessions.