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COVID-19 & Children's Mental Health Resources

We find ourselves in an unprecedented global pandemic that is having severe and devastating effects on health, but also on our mental well-being. From increased anxiety around job security or family safety, to lack of routine and terrible sleeping patterns, people are feeling the impacts daily. Not to mention how our children are coping.

There are many articles and websites speaking to this and I frequently share this information on my Facebook page (Caitlyn Jones Registered Counsellor). However, I wanted to create a bank of resources that I have come across for parents. I hope to keep adding to it as time goes, and situations change around lockdowns and school returns.

None of the material in the COVID-19 resource folder under downloads is my own or created by me - this is just a collection of various resources I have found or that have been shared with me. Thank you to the incredible authors of these!!

I will also be writing some newsletters for a local school on a variety of issues around lockdown & going back to school and will pop those into a folder in the downloads section too.

You can find these as easily downloadable pdfs under the DOWNLOADS tab on the main menu of my website or by clicking this link.

Please reach out if you are needing support or someone to talk too! You do not need to face this alone.

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